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Yoga Mandala, Sacred Valley

Our Gardens

"Color wavelengths and flower vibrations are known to heal on physical and emotional levels and bring peace to the soul."

Our accomodations are surrounded with a wide varity of flowers, peaches and native trees, having water streams as a music background that give a natural peace and meditation state of being. The medicinal garden is design with full range of healing native herbs, giving our guest the priviledge to taste our home made herbal teas.

We also grow our own veggies. In the process and search of a healthier life, we decide to stay in touch with mother earth thus we grow our own veggies chemical free. Creating compositing areas ideal for all veggies with conscious growing and love.

Yoga Mandala Sacred Valley offers the possibility to heal and balance by allowing our guests to connect directly to the wisdom of Nature. Walk, meditate, write, paint or simply relax in the garden of your choice.

Arin - Cuzco - Peru
(51) 984004546 - 984361955

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