Mandala Logotipo

Yoga Mandala, Sacred Valley


It's a natural therapeutic experience of heat and steam, which is inspired by pre-Hispanic ancient practices of traditional medicine. Its use through history has been therapeutic and as a ritual/ceremony, practice has survived through the years as a tradition of the various indigenous communities in South America. Relaxation that generates experience urges us to a profound state of peace, introspection, reflection and full attention. Temazcal therapy is a well beautiful and powerful moment in our life, an opportunity to reconcile us with ourselves, a unique experience of purification and re-connection with our internal source of wisdom and unconditional love. Closing a cycle and opening a new one in our lives, we release attachments, negative thoughts, fears and mental conditioning, delivering them to the heat of the stones Mama Willka Rumicuna grandmothers of the Earth.

Arin - Cuzco - Peru
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