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Yoga Mandala, Sacred Valley

Therapeutic Massages

Mandala It’s a gateway to the most intimate area of our bodies. Through its design, contemplation and meditation man comes in contact with the spiritual self and becomes harmonious, transcending their present limitations and the shackles to their material and conceptual world. In religious terms, the mandala represents the sacred area within, which can emerge spiritual experiences. The experience of a spiritual trip in a sacred place is part of a full life for every human being. The mandala is a symbol of spiritual growth whose focal point is the mind. The relationship is established through the contemplation of the geometry of the mandala encourages a state of meditation to help explore the corners of the psyche. The mandala represents the human being. Interaction with them helps to heal spiritual and psychic fragmentation, to express your creativity and to reconnect with your essential being.

Arin - Cuzco - Peru
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