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Yoga Mandala, Sacred Valley

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Walk to Ain's waterfall with majestic views of the Sacred Mountains Pitusiray and Sahuasiray. Only a 15 min walk from Yoga Mandala Sacred Valley location. This place is ideal for meditation and to connect yourself with nature.

*Sound Healing Circle in Urcos

Have a Unique experience in Urcos. We organize Sound Circle healings at the archeological site of Urcos. A magical experience that you will deeply enjoy with crystal bowls, ancient Peruvian instruments as well as other native instruments around the world. With the powerful energy of this site will help you balance all your chakras and go to a depper levelof healings within your sutil bodies!!!

*Stand Up Paddleboard at Huaypo Lagoon

Practicing Stand Up Paddle in the lagoon of Huaypo is to begin with the pleasure of sliding on the water in a playful atmosphere, discovering at the same time a beautiful aquatic site little frequented in the heart of the mountain range.

This sport adapts to all the people who would like to try it and provides a feeling of freedom and indescribable joy. The SUP relaxes, puts in shape, helps in mastering its balance, gives new sensations but always and more than everything gives good mood...!!!

*Regular Machu Picchu Bookings

*Pisaq Market

Discover all the colors and flavors of this unique market.

*Salt Mines

A guided Tour throught the salt Mines of Maras. You will discover the benefits of this special salt. A unique place where you can seelocal people still collect salt as the ancient way. You can buy Pink Salt that has as much properties as the Himalayan Pink Salt.

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