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Yoga Mandala, Sacred Valley

Yoga Temple

Our temple is a gateway to the most intimate area of our bodies. Through its design, contemplation and meditation you come in contact with your spiritual self and become harmonious, transcending your present limitations and shackles the material and conceptual world.

It is an infrastructure designed Mandala style made of wooden floor and windows from floor up to ceiling allowing a full view of the surroundings enabling you to find the nature within you.

Ideal for group retreats, yoga practice and meditation, the temple is equipped with mats, blankets, blocks and accessories. ´╗┐Individual guests are welcome to practice yoga at their leisure or join our classes.

"The experience of a spiritual trip in a sacred place is part of a full life for every human being"

Yoga Temple
Yoga Temple Yoga Temple
Arin - Cuzco - Peru
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